27 Mar 2008

This morning I had a peep at my Etsy store first thing, as I am wont to do, and one of the items has a huge amount of views. It didn't yesterday. I looked through the treasuries, and was very surprised to see that some of my items were in treasuries - but not that particular one! So I wonder where it was shown when it got so many views. Hmmmm it's a meeeeeeeeeeestery.

I'm working on posting things on DaWanda, which is going to take a while. I can't quite figure out the pinboard do-dad. It's like the hearting on Etsy, but I don't seem to be able to see where my favourites go, or who favourites my shop. And the English forums on DaWanda seem to be rather....slow. I posted a question and didn't get an answer or even a response. On Etsy it only takes about a nanosecond before someone answers, if only to say that they don't know, ha!!! Anyway, so I'm kind of wishing I had kept up with my French/German so I could join those forums. I can read, understand, follow the conversations, but I can't really write much beyond the basics. I used to be able to, but it is tragic how quickly one can lose language abilities. sigh.

Yesterday I was quite productive and made cuff links, earrings, and even a pendant. Photos to follow soon, of course. Also got feedback for the cuff links with the Japanese paper which I posted about before. The recipient was very happy with those, so that is very good. Today I need to send a ring off to an engraver, send off some rings, make some more cuff links ready for Japanese paper, and post more on DaWanda. I already posted some new earrings on Etsy, using a technique I learned at my lessons from my fabulous teacher. Here's a photo:

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