25 Mar 2008

Chocolate overload time is over....that's how Easter was for me. I have a teeny bit of a chocolate egg left, though!
Now it's into super busy time. I'm going to a Google information session in London on Monday, hopefully will be doing a free course on tax self-assessment soon, maybe another financial information course in London, and trying to get into more craft fairs.
I'm definitely doing craft fairs at the Rising Sun Institute in Reading on April 26 and then another one in November and December. I'll be posting more about those closer to the time.
So right now I really need to make loads of items!! I have to have enough for these shows.
I can't quite believe how cold it is outside - it's supposed to be spring! And I'm supposed to do a 10K run in a couple of weekends but haven't done any preparation!!! Eek! I will do a run tonight though. I have been saying that for days but it keeps being really cold and snowing and raining and generally being dismal outside. I hope it warms up a teeny bit, at least!!


beapea said...

I hope the weather improves! And have fun preparing for the craft shows. Very cool!

Marianne said...

Chocolate overload indeed... I can hardly move!

ally said...

I hope the weather improves too. It was rubbish over the weekend. Thanks for tagging me but I was already tagged before, so I have written a little about you and your peg pendant in my blog and linked to your blog and shop. Hope you don't mind :)