14 Mar 2008

I did an exchange with knithappens - gloves for earrings! And I love my new fingerless gloves, they are perfect!! What I wanted was some gloves to keep my hands warm while typing/being on the computer. My fingers get soooo cold in the wintertime, even if the heating is on. So these gloves are the solution! hurrah! I will post a photo in a bit....I need to change the bulb in the light. (I could take a regular photo but then I have to adjust all the menu options on the camera and that takes more time than just taking a photo in the lightbox!)
Incidentally, I'm very happy with my new lightbox. The old one worked ok but not great. Dougs made this one for me while I was away (I guess he was bored!!!) from white foam board, so it's all white, which means less dark reflections. It's definitely an improvement!
So tomorrow I'm going on a "financial confidence" course. There are four seminars and I've chosen the "cash flow" one. I guess that means they will say what the cash flow is supposed to look like and how you're supposed to keep tabs on it and maybe how to tell there's going to be a problem. I keep good records, but I'm curious to see what they say. I hope it's useful because it's 10am-4pm! yeeks! on a Saturday! I can't find it anywhere on the internet, no information at all. I got a flyer through the door so that's how I know about it. I'm always amazed at some of these government/council things - they seem to be light years behind any regular business in terms of the internet. A couple of years ago, when I voted in local elections, I tried to find out local politicians positions on issues by looking them up on the internet. I looked at the council's website and elsewhere and anywhere I could think of, but there was nothing. Well, their photo, name and email address were on the council website, but that's pretty much it. That's quite pitiful, especially since a lot of younger people would rely on the internet to get this kind of information (I think). Or even older people, some older people who can't get around easily will also rely on the internet. Anywaysssssssss so I'll see how this seminar is tomorrow.

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Marianne said...

Mad woman to give up your Saturday! Hope it proves worthwhile though.