13 Mar 2008

Aaaaarghhh!!! So I just looked closely at the gold balls I ordered and over half are cracked!!!!!! grrrr!!! So it probably wasn't my soldering that cracked the last one, it probably already was cracked. SIGH. what a pain. So now I have to send these back, get a refund, wait for more, hope they aren't crap. What a pain! What's with the suppliers at the moment!?? First the hammer, now this. I'm also on my third attempt at the silver part of the ring because it's not easy to get the size right when the ring isn't a straight forward circle. I don't mind that though, I'll get there. But faulty supplies really slows me down and wastes my time. :-(

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capitolagirl said...

Great blog Machi, I love the ring in this post too :-)