20 May 2009

me versus the bracelet

I've been battling with a bracelet that looks amazing in my head. The picture I have in my mind is fabulous - a real stunner of a bracelet. However, that stunner is taking a while to actually become reality!! I've been struggling with the hinge - the hinge part works fine but it's been a lot of fiddly-ness to solder the hinge on to the rounded sheet. There's been swearing, frustration, and some (read: lots) resorting to the brute force and ignorance approach. After what feels like a long battle, though, the bracelet is nearly completely formed. I just need to polish it and smooth out a couple of kinks. I'm really hoping that the finished product will match the picture that I have in my head!!! The goal is to finish and photograph it today. Then I need to do some pendant bails, but after that I will immediately start making another one of these bracelets. I have a good feeling about them and want to get the making of it down pat - plus now I know what not to do! ha! So, sorry to keep you in suspense but a photo should be appearing soon. It's a wide bracelet with lace imprint and a hinge on one side and a tiny padlock on the other side as the clasp.

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