5 May 2009

bank holiday

The end of the bank holiday weekend - luckily not too bad, since there's another bank holiday at the end of this month! hurrah! So even though it was a holiday yesterday and the boy was home, I did work on the engagement ring. The boy even made me a leather pouch to catch all the gold filings. I don't have a traditional jeweller's bench in the sense that there's no half circle cut out of it with a leather bit underneath. Initially I didn't want that because that would mean giving up a lot of table area. But now I have a detachable thingy (technical term) so I can put it up when I'm working with gold. With silver it's not as important to catch every last little filing, so what I normally do is just brush off my apron before I stand up. It's a big, heavy apron that I always wear when I'm working, so it catches most filings and extra pieces. But it's not quite good enough for gold, so I have a new solution! It seemed to work really well yesterday, so I'm happy! I might just keep it up permanently if I like it after working with it for a full week. This week will be a trial week for the new pouch attachment, then! And here's a photo: (Hm, it doesn't look so great on the photo, but it works really well because it's cinched at front and back so the filings stay in the pouch.)

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