14 May 2009

deliveries and things

A funny side effect of working at home is that I've gotten to know the postmen and delivery guys. They are all men, no postwoman yet on my road. I don't really know the postmen, but it is at the point where they recognise me even in town! I think I probably get more packages than most people, considering I buy almost all my metals, tools, stationary and so on online. There's a postman for regular post and another one for special deliveries and then there's a whole host of guys that work for the private courier companies. I would prefer not to have to pay for couriers, but sometimes it's required - like if I buy so-called "hazardous" materials. They aren't really hazardous if you use them correctly, but I think it's required by law to send corrosive type materials by courier. I guess it's to avoid accidents.
Anyway, so today I got one special delivery - engagement ring back from the Assay Office. I also got a courier delivery - some silver and a whole bunch of clasps. And I got regular post - a Metals Directory which I wasn't expecting, it was free from one of the suppliers I use. So, busy day for post. And I'm off to the post office very soon to send out a bunch of stuff.
Phew, who knew there was so much to write about post...

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