13 May 2009


On a whim, I've just bought this book about hot and cold connections. I am hoping it will be a good, solid, technical book. The problem I have with most jewellery books is that lots are all pictures for inspiration, which I just don't want because I already have too many ideas and not enough time to execute them all. I also don't like the ones that are beginner because they are just too simplistic and are just about the very basics. I am hoping this is a book that is more advanced, very practical, and not just pretty pictures to fill up space. According the reviews, that is a reasonable thing to hope for in this book. So, I'll see when it arrives!


Wendy said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, it's very enjoyable thanks! First time I've ever commented, nothing like a good book to motivate me! Yes it's a great book, quite handy, and nicely illustrated. If you're looking for the all time metalsmithing bible (and you don't already have it) I reccomend Jewellery Concepts and Technology by Oppi Untracht - what isn't in there isn't worth knowing! It's a bit pricey but well well worth it. Wendy

machi said...

Ooh, thanks for letting me know that it's a good choice! Yep, I have the Oppi book...it is massive. I keep meaning to read in it more...think I will take it with me on holiday and read bits of it.