4 Aug 2009

ring reworking

My aunt had a gold ring which she didn't like. For starters the ring shank was fiddly and far too small. Also, she just didn't like the look of the ring...it was very fussy with far too much detail in a lots-of-work-but-little-aesthetic-appeal kind of way. Anyway, so I took off the ring shank and discovered that the ring was, in fact, gold plated, which explained the lack of gold hallmark! I changed the bezel setting to make it less fussy, fixed up the filigree a bit, and put on a new sleek shank. Happily, as it turns out, my aunt preferred the silver look so I didn't need to send off the ring to get gold plated. (I don't have the equipment to do gold plating myself.) So, here is a photo of the ring....the stone is not yet set in the photo, hence the crinkly appearance of the bezel around the stone. I took a photo for my aunt to decide if she wanted it gold plated or not. In any case, here's a photo:

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