24 Aug 2009

monday and rulers and coriandr

Hello again! So it's Monday morning, everyone's favorite time of the week. I was happy to see that my earrings made it to the front page of Coriandr today, which is a nice start to the week. It's going to be a very busy week. I have loads to do, including the super exciting task of doing my taxes. At least I can just do them online. Hopefully it'll go smoothly and there will be no grumbling, shouting and shaking of fists. I also need to do some supply ordering, some making things, some polishing things, some thinking about commissions, and some ordering of stickers and business cards.
I was going to write some witty post about how my rulers are my three best friends. They are, during the day. I find it amusing how I have my rulers carefully laid out. Obviously there's the steel ruler at my bench. I can't imagine how I would get by without the steel ruler - for cutting paper, for marking lengths on silver sheet, for checking and rechecking if pieces are indeed square or rectangular as intended. Then by the computer I have my transparent ruler and my Snoopy ruler. Essential for measuring items to describe them on Etsy, Folksy, etc. This process, by the way, makes me dislike using inches - I find it pretty useless to describe things in terms of 19/32ths of an inch. I guess it's what you're used to. I think by now I could probably draw a ruler with the metric system freehand pretty accurately. Anyway, rulers are my friends. The end.

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ToDryFor said...

Your snoopy ruler is INCREDIBLE....I am soooo jealous!!!