3 Aug 2009

here we go again

Here we go again, down the only road I've ever known....what song is that?? It's some 80s song. Is it Bon Jovi? Oh my good god, I checked google and it's Whitesnake. I had Whitesnake lyrics in my head. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, there is no hope for me.

ANYWAY....moving right along. It's the start of the week again and I have heaps and heaps to do. I need to finish some items for my sister and aunt, go to the post office to send off some earrings that sold on Folksy at the weekend, plan a newsletter, etc. Also the washing machine is peeping that it's finished, so I think today is just going to have to be a mega productive, running around day. So, deep breath and here I go again!

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