11 Aug 2009


Mweh...the pitfalls of bench work: yesterday I added three slices and one puncture to my fingers. snif. I even had to scrounge around for a bandaid for the second time in a week. It's because I'm filing the thin edge of a disc and that gets quite sharp when I'm doing the filing. Then I occasionally slip, and wham, another little slice in my poor fingers. poor me! ok, not really. Something randomly interesting is that in the US, the bits of sticky stuff you put on a cut are called bandaids. That's a brand name, like q-tip or hoover or kleenex. Here in the UK, they are called plasters. Which is fine, but I thought it was interesting, as the word in Dutch is pleister (not sure if that's spelled plijster, but i think it's pleister). Anyway, that makes me wonder if in the US more brand names are used as a generic term than in the UK. So, to test my theory:

cotton bud

Scotch tape

Ok, I can't think of any other examples off hand, but with the exception of hoover, all the UK ones are not brand names. Anybody have any other examples?


Anonymous said...

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!!!

Coke = soda pop

PDA (Personal Data Assistant) = Palm

Listerine = mouth wash

Jello = gelatin

and in my house

shopping = Nordstrom

machi said...

that's good - much better than i did! ha, i had to laugh outloud at your shopping=nordstrom! :-)

j_hinam said...

Sellotape is a brand name, no? ;-) Which is why on Blue Peter they always had to say sticky tape (I think?).

Thanks for the lunchtime diversion x

machi said...

oh really? well, i'm blaming dougall for my lack of knowledge in that arena. i'm pretty sure he told me it was the generic name...hm. he obviously didn't watch blue peter enough! ha!