22 Jan 2008

Interesting developments in the plans for this spring - we are going to host a troupe of Morris dancers. Oh yes, MORRIS DANCERS. The first time I saw Morris dancers was at the excellent Reading Real Ale festival (which is brilliant, if you can get in). I had no idea what these funny men with white socks and bells and ribbons were doing running around flinging hankies and sticks in the air. Then I found out - they were looking silly in return for free entry to the beer festival! ha!

Ok, A Morris dance is a form of English folk dance usually accompanied by music. It is based on rhythmic stepping and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers. Implements such as sticks, swords, and handkerchiefs may also be wielded by the dancers.

That's right, hankies are wielded!!

So, yes, we are going to have a troupe of Holland-based female Morris dancers staying for a weekend in June. They will be performing in or near Reading. I know you will be waiting for news of when and where with bated breath, so I will update you as soon as I know!!

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Georganne said...

Sounds fun!!