29 Jan 2008

I'm quite disappointed that the earring display head still hasn't arrived. I've emailed the seller who said it was sent last week, but still no sign of it.

On the other hand, I ordered a bunch of things so I can work on some new items such as cuff links. I've had a number of people asking me about cuff links, so I have bought some of the bits one needs to make them and I'll see how they work. The trouble with cuff links and clip-on earring findings is that you have to be careful when you solder them. If they are already assembled and you solder them, you have a large chance of annealing the spring bit, so they no longer work because there's not enough tension for them to spring open and closed. So you usually end up either buying them unassembled or taking them apart and reassembling after soldering.

I also got a phone call about a commission - two wedding rings!! So I need to call them back and see if they know what they want. That's exciting.

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