13 Dec 2007

It is cold out. Cold for the UK, that is. It's 11.41 and still plenty of frost on the roofs of the houses.

Yesterday I put out a bunch of holiday decorations. I don't like too many colours all together, so what I do is get out all my flower vases and fill them with silver and black Christmas tree balls. I also filled a shallow, large dish with some tinsel and then arranged a bunch of silver Christmas tree balls on top, along with a couple silver snowflake decorations. I also filled a vase with red tiny LED lights and tinsel. You just wrap the lights in the tinsel, hide the battery box in the middle, and the lights look really nice that way. I copied that idea from a display I saw at John Lewis :-) I also got the little lights there.

and, randomly, here's a scarf my sister's working on that is really lovely!!


beapea said...

Hey! That there scarf looks familiar!

Your Christmas decorations sound nice. We have ours up too. I think I need to get a few more ornaments for the tree though as some broke. It's red, silver, and gold.

machi said...

tee hee :-) yes well it's too nice, so i had to!
send me photos of your tree, it sounds pretty!