4 Dec 2007

I got this survey from a fellow estsian: http://stilettoheights.blogspot.com/

Do you send out Christmas Cards? Explain. Yes and they're all written because if we didn't do it last weekend, it wasn't going to happen. I've posted some and most will be sent next week.

When do you start shopping for gifts? usually about October, depends if I see something good for someone in particular.

Who do you shop for? the boy, parents, sister, anyone I'll see on Christmas day and a couple of friends.

How are you doing so far with your shopping? just one present to go for a friend.

Do you put up a Christmas tree? If so, is it real or fake?
We haven't really before. We had a fiberoptic mini one, but it broke. We had a mini real one, but all its needles fell out. This year we're going to try to get a proper real tree - but closer to xmas so its needles don't fall out!

Do you like tinsel? yes but only in silver or black.

What do you do for Christmas Eve? Is that the 24th? I get confused about the dates because in Holland there's 1st Christmas day and 2nd Christmas day. growing up we didn't do anything in particular Christmas eve...maybe we got to open one present or something.

Do you hang your stocking? no. never have either....but I used to set my shoe on 5 December - for Sinterklaas...Dutch tradition.

Does your family read ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’? nope.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I don't really have one, but I like The Snowman.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?
ugh, carols seriously get on my nerves.

What’s your favorite Christmas TV special? don't have a tv.

Eggnog or Cider?
oooh cider. American hot cider or British cold cider :-)

What do you have for Christmas dinner?
veggie stuff....nut loaf or mushroom wellington. and roasted parsnips!

Do you participate in Secret Santa?
well I guess so because I'm doing a UK Etsy secret swap...

Do you bake cookies? I eat them.


stilettoheights said...

1st Christmas Day AND Second Christmas day.....

sounds divine!

beapea said...

I love the snowman too!