26 Mar 2010


You know how some projects seem to go wrong at every turn? I was thinking I was finally at the end of one such project and I could breathe easy again and all would be well. Except that this project required a stone setter. If the stones are high value and I'm using 18k gold, then I prefer to send the pieces off to a stone setter because I know he will do a perfect job. Now, I am well aware that I am small fry to the stone setter. I don't send off huge packages full of items and it's only occasionally that I feel the need to use their services. So I included a letter saying please can you do this job by this time. I left a margin for error in my deadline. I called on the deadline, since of course I hadn't heard anything. He said he'd try to get it done this week. Now, the absolute LAST day I can get these items and still get them hallmarked on time would be Tuesday. Guess what? No word from the stone setter. So I phoned today and guess what? He's not in. His colleague was very kind about it, however, now I'm in an awkward position. I sent the items 4 March. It's now 26 March. So now I have to phone him Monday morning and pester him to please get these items finished. Sometimes I really wish that not everything had to be chased up. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to rely on someone to do their bit without having to check up on them?

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