15 Mar 2010


Ugh, I dreamt about rivets all night. I can think of more restful things...yawn! At least it's bright and sunshiney outside. I have loads to do again today...had a lovely weekend. Yesterday we walked a whole long way so I felt like I got in a bit of exercise. On Saturday we did indeed go to Garlic & Shots, the restaurant I mentioned on Friday. I have two words about it: don't bother. The food was very disappointing, below pub grub. The super hot chili was bland and the plate it was on was mostly tortilla chips with a bit of chili in the corner. When Dougs told the waitress he was disappointed and thought it was bland, she said "oh". Then when she brought the bill, he said it again and she just kind of mumbled "oh" again. Plus the service charge was included and she didn't even offer to make it optional, or even say sorry he didn't like the food. I had baked garlic which was fine (but I've had better, and considering it's supposed to be their speciality...). I also had nachos, which looked good at first but then they were in a bowl and there was a bit of averagey topping on the top but the rest of the bowl was just plain tortilla chips. Anyway, overall it was very overpriced for what it was and very disappointing. Shame, because the idea is good and the place looks cool. Shame about the service too, I would've felt a little better if the waitress had shown one iota of interest in whether we liked the food or not.

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