9 Jul 2009


Oh fabulous...Firefox had some kind of virus in it and now all my bookmarks are gone. I am not happy, as it took me years to build up all those bookmarks to galleries, craft fairs, suppliers, etc. I can't even get Firefox to start today. The whole reason I use Firefox was because it was supposed to be better than IE and get less viruses. I'm hoping that all can be restored using the backups we've done. I really hope so, otherwise there may be some sobbing. Not the best start to the day. Also, I bought a special lockable table-top cabinet and it arrived, but it has huge cracks in it. I'm waiting for the supplier to send another one, which he said he will do. It's just annoying how these things suck up so much time. With all my bookmarks, I could just check everything really quickly. Now I have to type in the addresses by hand and so on.
Anyway, sobs to all that and I hope it all gets sorted soon.

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