27 Jul 2009


I'm home - back from Holland where my family celebrated my gran's 90th birthday. The party was enjoyed by all, especially my grandmother, who just loved having the whole family there. There were 48 of us, I think. I also went to Paris with my parents and had a great time walking around and soaking up the sights. We had fabulous weather with heat and sun and a lovely breeze. We went to several museums, including the Musee d'Orsay and Jeu de Paumes. I had some fantastic creamy chevre and we ate at my dad's favourite brasserie. All in all a very enjoyable holiday. So now I'm back and I have heaps to do, including fixing up a bracelet of my aunt's that is starting to suffer from metal fatigue. I'll anneal it and get it back into shape and send it off hopefully by the end of this week. I have loads of photos so will be trickling them up on this here bloggy and will take some photos of the bits of jewellery that I got. It's always fabulous to get bits of old and broken jewellery from people. I love seeing all the pieces and hearing where they came from and so on.

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