10 Apr 2008

If you've read this blog for a while, you might know that unfortunately, I lost almost all my personal jewellery in January due to a burglary. One of the items was my favorite gold ring, which was a present for high school graduation from my mom. I don't want to make an exact copy of that ring because it just won't be the same. However, I am going to make a gold version of this ring. Yesterday I went into London and bought the piece of gold for it. I might have time this weekend to work on it. In any case, I bought the gold and the ring will be for me, but I can take photos of it and thus offer a gold version of this ring on Etsy and so on. The gold prices are very, very high at the moment, although down from the all-time record high that it reached last month. That makes it a bit scary to work with gold, because every filing, every little piece that falls on the floor, all of it counts. I guess it's just part of having a business, there is always some type of risk. I could use 9k gold (which is cheaper), but it's quite pale compared to 18k gold, so I really prefer the 18k because it's a much warmer colour and it's a nicer contrast to silver.

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beapea said...

It will be gorgeous! And then we can match again. In a mix and match sort of way, not a matchy matchy way : )