8 Apr 2008

Blue skies, people, blue skies. Worth writing home about if one happens to live in the UK. Photo taken just a few seconds ago as proof!
Yesterday was happily productive. I also had a few sales on Etsy, which always cheers me up and so I need to get those in the post today.
I am working on resizing a ring which is a tricky situation. If you want to make a ring bigger, ok, fine, plenty of options. If you want to make a ring smaller, it's much trickier. Not a problem if it's a straightforward metal ring. Then you take a piece out and solder it back together. If the ring has any type of setting with a stone in it, however, and it's hard. As soon as an item has a stone set in it, you can no longer solder it. Which means you can't take a piece out of the ring, because you can't put it back together. Well, you can get the stones taken out and then solder it, and then put them back in again. However, the stone in this particular ring is very soft and already got a bit scratched when it was originally put in. So, unwise to take it out. So I've wrapped a piece of silver around the base of the shank of the ring. It's going to take quite a bit of fiddling to make it look good. Oh well, I'll keep trying and see how it looks once it's polished and such.

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beapea said...

Congrats on the sales and good luck with the resizing - sounds tricky.