5 Feb 2014

Tempus fugit

Firstly, and importantly, Mr Dion Stallwood (telephone number available if anyone needs it) did a brilliant job and fixed our washing machine. Secondly, and rather annoyingly, the following week our fridge broke. So I called another repair guy (Mr Stallwood doesn't work on fridges) and sadly the fridge is dead as a doornail. The new one is arriving tomorrow and I can confirm that two weeks without a fridge is rather annoying. There are many worse things in this world, nevertheless not having a fridge is more of inconvenience than I may have thought.

In terms of jewellery, things are afoot. A new brooch is coming together and will hopefully be finished soon so photos can be posted. I am excited to be working on Jam's 20th anniversary jewellery exhibition with 20  very special pieces from 20 different jewellers. Next Monday I've arranged a photo shoot with a professional photographer (Loren Stone) with dresses from an Eton fashion designer (Ieva Poriete) and a friend of mine who is stepping in to be our model. Hopefully some fabulous photos showing off amazing pieces of jewellery will come of that!

Today I'm working on a wedding ring - 18ct white gold court profile 4mm wide in case you were wondering. And hopefully working on my new brooch plus some components for some more mini pendants. And I leave you with a photo of the stand that Jane Tadrist and I shared at the Desire Fair in Winchester last October (It was all black and white, we even had a white orchid on the smaller table to match):

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