10 Jan 2014

easing into the new year

Cruising the internet for interesting bits and bobs, I came across this article, which  nicely illustrates one of the many ways jewellery isn't just about the piece, but about what it symbolises. There aren't many objects* as imbued with sentimental value as jewellery:


*other objects that I can think of with high sentimental value are toys, photographs and things passed down through families. I'm sure there are more....

I didn't feel so hot today, so not much progress at the bench. It's all waiting for me, though. Up first is a nearly finished pair of hoop earrings - these, now available on Not on the High Street http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/machidewaardjewellery/product/large-circle-gold-ball-dangle-earrings). Then two nearly finished bangles that just need a bit of a clean and a polish. Then a ring which was knocked out of shape, so needs a knock back into shape and a polish. After that, a new set of mini pendants, as I am clean out of the non-oxidised version. Plenty to do!

Right now the washing machine repair guy is downstairs, hopefully fixing said machine after its sudden refusal to work on New Year's Eve. If it works again, I shall post his details here to recommend him. I won't do it yet, though, it's got to work first!!

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