26 Feb 2010

bunch of interesting things

First of all, something that I am upset about. This article in the Guardian, which says that there are plans to axe BBC radio 6. That's a music channel. Will there be no decent radio stations left at all??? Argh!!! I finally found one I like and now there's a whiff of rumour that it'll be shut down!! When I listen to the radio over at South Hill Park, it's for 7+ hours straight. I can't deal with ad breaks for that long. I also can't stand waffling about rubbish - if they do talk, it should be about the music. And Radio 6 does that and keeps it interesting. They also don't have the same 10 songs on rotation all day, otherwise, similarly, I would go mad! So please, BBC, wake up and see the loyal following that Radio 6 has and keep your mitts off it!!!!!!!!

Anyway, more positive things: join a giant creative people map:

Message from Louise of www.myehive.com ....

We've just launched Craft Nations Unite, but we need your help! It's the largest google map of artisans and designers of it's kind.
Please add your photos, links, embed video, show us where you live and work, make this the largest visual reference of handmade and homemade designers on the planet!
Once you have done this please blog it, tweet it and share the link in forums.

And one last thing....an interesting website that a friend pointed out to me which some of you might find interesting to explore: http://www.behance.net

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