25 Feb 2010

and breathe...

I had another driving lesson this morning, which is going along fairly smoothly. I have another 3 lessons, I think. It's all going fairly well but I have to practice the old left around a corner a bit more. I can't seem to get it quite right. sigh. All this driving has been sucking up time, so I'm getting busier and busier trying to fit everything in. Tonight I'm going to my first meeting of the Caversham Artists, which should be good :-) It looks like I'll have to do some work this weekend though (ehem, I mean more than usual!). Ah well, I'll feel better if I'm more caught up on everything! I have 2 large commissions to go and one small one that's nearly finished. Then I will be caught up. I have to say it's been a shocker every time I need to order gold, bah, the price is so very sky high at the moment! I've also upped the stakes on the exercise front and am really trying my best to stick to it. I'm even jogging, which I do not like, but it sure is a workout, so I'm determined to stick to it. That's all for now, but hopefully soon I'll have more photos of the remaining 3 commissions.

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