22 Jun 2009

prjeto gallery and things

Over the weekend I had the chance to visit the Projeto Gallery in Silsden, up in Yorkshire. As you may know, I have some of my pieces there and finally had the opportunity to have a look in person and this lovely gallery. The gallery is on the lovely main street and has a wide variety of jewellery and prints - something to suit most tastes, I'd say! I spoke to Paula, who runs the gallery, and there are many plans afoot. I also dropped off some new items - new for Projeto - the silver bud collection and the star collection. Paula felt they were just right for the gallery - so if you're ever near Silsden, do pop in! It's also down the road from one of the best bridal wear shops in the country and Paula is planning on working with that shop so brides can get not only the best dress but the best matching piece of jewellery. A good match, I think :-)

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