14 Nov 2008

fawlty towers

My dealings with the company that I buy my boxes from (Lynco) has descended into a Fawlty Towers-esque situation. I usually go to the store to buy what I need. When I was there a week ago, they said, 'oh it's better to phone to get what you want'. The woman working there was also clearly irritated that I was asking questions about the merchandise and even told me at one point to "stop bothering" her. Anyway, they said they had the boxes I wanted but they couldn't get them from the basement, I had to phone to order them. So, this week I phoned with the correct box code and ordered the boxes and some black earring stands. (Not so amusingly the person on the phone told me it was better to go to the store!!!!) I was assured they were in stock and would have them by the end of the week. Yesterday, I got a phone call that the boxes were labelled incorrectly so actually they wouldn't have them until after Christmas. Not much use with all these craft fairs being, unsurprisingly, before Christmas. Add this to the long list of items I was after that they did not have in stock - stud earring holder, long earring holder, etc. Anyway, in the end, I just cancelled the boxes order and said, well, just send me those earring stands that I ordered. So they arrived this morning - in the wrong colour. ARGH. It clearly says on the invoice accompanying the stands, "Black", but no, they are not black. I mean, how hard is it to see that?? It's just irritating because obviously I can't fix this before the craft fair TOMORROW. And now tonight I still need to go to another store and hope I can find appropriate boxes. Sigh and more sighs.
Not only that, but their catalogue is a pathetic collection of photocopies that gives you hardly any idea what the products are like and their website is totally rubbish....if you don't believe me, this is their website: http://www.lynco.co.uk/

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Paula said...

Ohh it sounds like a nightmare! I hope the craft fair is going well so that you can forget about them!

I have actually been thinking about developing a jewellery box range, as I come across many jewellery designers that are not happy with their boxes...

Good idea?

Paula (Projeto Gallery)