28 Nov 2008

crafty craft craftness and stuff.

well, according to the brochure, "contemporary accessories" :-) In about half an hour, I'm off to Gift at Farnham Maltings. I'm nervous because I haven't been there before, so I hope it all goes smoothly. The show is open to the public from 5pm - 8pm today and 10.30 - 5pm tomorrow. Tomorrow some friends are showing up which is fun :-) Nice to know someone is coming for moral support!!
Anyway, I've ironed all the cloths again and packed everything up and have it all ready to go in the car, so I think it's all ready to go! Here we go again!!!

ps. I had another sale on DaWanda yesterday, hurrah!! To someone in Barcelona. I love Barcelona - such a brilliant city - it has everything. Beach, art, architecture, crooked back streets, fascinating history, etc. There are several excellent books about Barcelona - I'm trying to remember the titles. I think one is just called Barcelona, by the art critic Robert Hughes. The other is....something about miracles...City of Miracles? I know I read that one in Spanish, for a class I was following on Spanish Literature. Hm, well, if I think of the name I'll post it. And of course there are the fantastic Orwell books - I love his books, but especially the one about him in the Spanish Civil War - he went to Spain to fight. He was in Cataluna, so it makes me think of Barcelona. Ah, just looked it up, that book is called Homage to Catalonia. If I remember correctly, he was shot in the throat and was lucky to survive. I have a bit of a fascination with Catalonia and Catalan because I spent quite a few summers there when I was small. I really like the Catalan language and wouldn't mind learning it...except I wouldn't have much chance to use it. I like the words, like obert, tancat, es prohibit d'incendre foc. (=open, closed, prohibited to start a fire). anyway....tangent...ok, off to Gift now!!!


Marianne said...

And of course Shadow of the Wind by Ruiz Zafon! James is reading it now, we picked up another copy at a boot fair as mine never came back from friends.
Glad to hear it went ok, hope you had good fun in the pub afterwards! I'm relaxing x

machi said...

oh yes, good point, that book is excellent! I didn't go to the pub in the end, was too tired....