2 May 2008

Ok, so *now* it's Friday! hurrah! Not hurrah because it's the end of the working week. I like my work so much these days, that's not a problem. But hurrah because it's the Reading Real Ale Festival and almost all our friends in Reading will be there! There will be Morris Dancers! There will be a giant tent! There will be funny t-shirts (I don't know why, there's only about 2 stalls selling items at the beer festival and one of them has these hilarious t-shirts.) It's even sunny right this second....I hope it stays that way! Even so, I think it's probably better to wear some waterproof shoes this evening because the event is held in a huge tent in a field next to the Thames.
Anyway............I better go finish the earrings I was working on yesterday!!


Marianne said...

Oooooh jealous! It's so much fun!
Hope you have a great time and speak when I'm back from the Netherlands xx

picciolo said...

hi, hope you had a great time, i don't think you will have needed your waterproof shoes
: )