10 Feb 2008

Note to self: never, ever, ever, EVER let the jewellery bench get covered in a thick layer of cement dust again. It took long enough to clean the living room!!! But the living room is fairly minimalistic, so just a bunch of large items to clean. The jewellery area is filled with teeeeeeeeny little things, every last one of which had to be hoovered, dusted, wiped clean, etc. I am now in the process of cleaning my bits of solder. See that period at the end of the last sentence??? That's how big the bits of solder are. I could throw them away and just start again, but it seems too wasteful. So I'm cleaning them. Bits that small float in water, I have discovered. I should have thought of that beforehand. Now I am picking these little bits of solder off the top of the water with tweezers. ha! what fun!
Anyway, at least that's the last bit and everything else has been cleaned. I met the people who want wedding rings on Friday evening and it went well, so I have a quote ready depending on what material they go for. First I have to wait for them to send me the drawing of what they want engraved on the rings and I need to call the engraver to find out how much that will cost. The costs add up quickly, not least because everything has to be sent back and forth with Special Delivery post, which is 4.75 pounds each way. Add the cost of the jiffy bag, and it's basically another £10 every time you need to post something to get engraved, set, hallmarked or to the customer.
Right, I must get back to picking bits of solder out of water and then I have promised to go on a long jog! :-P

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