11 Feb 2008

I needed a better hammer to finish rivets. My current hammer was too big to finish rivets neatly. So I orderd a hammer which I think will do the job - a ball pein hammer. Also referred to as a "jobbing hammer" on the supplier website, presumably because it has a LOT of uses. Anyway, so the hammer arrived and it is very cute and little indeed. Here's a photo which may or may not show the cuteness of the hammer:
(And in other news, all cement dust has been removed, all solder cleaned, etc. so that's over! hurrah!)


Lava Jewelry said...

I'm still searching for the perfect riveting hammer as well. I like to use a cross peen hammer for that task, but right now I don't have one that is quite right. I feel your pain. :)

machi said...

yep, I'm hoping this one will do the trick!! :-)

beapea said...

What a twee hammer