6 Jul 2016

Stacking rings commission

A couple of months ago, I met someone at the Henley Arts Trail who had a big birthday coming up and wanted something special to mark that day. She had two stacking rings already - one with moonstone (her husband's birth stone) and one with garnet (her birth stone). She wanted to add to the stack with two more rings - one with another garnet (her son's birth stone) and one with green tourmaline (her other son's birth stone). So first thing was to stretch the existing rings - very carefully - as they were already a bit too tight and adding more rings means you need them to be a bit wider usually. The wider a ring, the larger the size you need. Then I made two ring bands to match the existing ones in size - 1.5mm thick horizontally and 1.4mm thick vertically. The garnet was slightly larger, at 5mm, so I bezel set that one on 1mm sheet with a hole cut out of the bottom. The green tourmaline was 4.5mm, so I tube set that one. And this is how they turned out (with the two new rings on top of the existing ones):

two new rings

all rings together

rings in presentation box

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