13 Nov 2015


My cousin does woodworking (you can see his blog here: handguitar.wordpress.com) and we decided to do a collaboration combining his woodworking and my metalwork. So, he made this jewellery box:

And I've made these two hinges and one clasp. They are all round, of course, given my propensity for making circles. They all have tiny countersunk holes for nails which I have yet to make, but will be forthcoming at some point. We think we're going to have to also glue (with epoxy) the hinges and clasps on for added strength. He's also going to add a chain on the inside of the box to reduce strain on the hinges. Since we're in different countries, it's going to take a while to get a photo of the finished project! Especially as initially, we thought he'd be able to put the hinge on but now I think it's going to have to be done with a riveting hammer and I'll need to clean up any accidental marks on the flat part of the hinge. Also, I'm pretty sure we'll need pilot holes for the silver nails, which will require some of my 0.5mm drill bits. Anyway, luckily, I'm seeing my cousin tonight so we can discuss the details! Fun to do something together and any excuse to talk about tools and maybe needing more tools....

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