21 Jan 2015

champagne chairs

There is a company called Design Within Reach and they, in their own words "give customers access to the best in modern design – including iconic works that have been in production since the mid-20th century as well as innovative items designed today – and made design within reach." Now, that is all lovely and stuff, but the interesting thing is that they have an annual competition where people are challenged to make a mini chair from a champagne cork. The rules are basically this:

Use any or all of the materials (except glass) from no more than two (2) champagne bottles. Glue is the only permitted adhesive. You are not permitted to use any additional materials – including tape and/or paint.

Of course this kind of thing is like catnip to me and my mom..... mini? creative? challenge? and so.....

These are our chairs: mine is a mini chesterfield chair, with a sort of beat-up look, probably due to scratches from a mini cat. I was most pleased with the tiny 'wheels' on the front legs. (My chair is about 2cm high.)
My mom's is a mini baby high chair, complete with bonus bubbly baby. Here are the photos:

(and here is where you can see all the amazingly creative and fun chairs made for this year's competition - just scroll down on that page.)

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