16 Oct 2014

mini photo frame

I was talking to my mom the other day and she showed me the contact sheet from a set of photos that she had printed. The photos were very small on the contact sheet, 14 x 20mm. (They were all of my nephew, apparently my parents literally cannot have enough photos of him!) Anyway, it happens that my mom is also restoring an old dollhouse. So I suggested that the tiny photos needed a tiny silver photo frame to be placed in the dollhouse. So, here's the result....a photo frame that fits photos that are 14 x 20mm.

It was made in 4 parts. First the very thin wire U-shape to create the slot for the photo to go in. Then the back of the frame with a little notch in case the photo is hard to get out (the U-shape was soldered on to the back). Then the front of the frame - a bevelled inside and outside edge rectangular frame. Then I soldered the back on to the front. Then the stand - made so the frame can stand horizontally and vertically.

So here it is: total size 18 x 23mm. (One with my 3cm panda as model.)

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