4 Aug 2014

Gold ring

I had a heavy gold link from a bracelet or necklace that had been taken out because the bracelet/necklace was too long. I wanted to use the link to make a gold ring, trying to cut out as little gold as possible. So I hammered and hammered and filed and finally made it into the shape I wanted. The only blip was that due to the original shape of the link, there was a little gap/hole in the shank of the new ring that I had to fill, which I did using the bits I had cut out during the process. So, except for the solder, the ring is made entirely from that one original link. I made photos along the way to show the progression. You can see more photos of the progression on the Facebook page for Studio E174, which is where I did most of the work: https://www.facebook.com/studioe174 

Here are a few of the photos: 

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