2 Jan 2013

bye bye 2012

And we're off - 2013! It's only the second, so not much to say about this shiny new year so far. However, I can say a couple of things about last year. Firstly, below a photo of an engagement ring commission that I did towards the end of last year. The recipients are very happy with their rings and very happy with their engagement too! The one on the left is sterling silver with a solid 18k gold ball, while the one on the right is a twist on my silver crossover ring - the end of one prong is solid 18k gold.
In other 2012 news, I am happy to say that my first season on Not on the High Street went well - sold various pieces and really need to get cracking to replenish my stock! My new mini pendants went down well in the galleries - if you haven't seen them yet, here's a photo of three of them (there's also a gold plated one, which you can see on Not on the High Street).
Here's to a great 2013 for all - let it be prosperous and healthy!

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