16 Apr 2010

birthday fun

I'm preparing a massive feast for the birthday boy. I've cleaned, set the table, blown up the balloons and made a couple of the courses already. A couple of things need to chill or freeze, so I did those this morning. Now I have to think about the order in which I'm going to make all these things, otherwise the meal could take a very long time indeed. I'm making 13 very small courses. There will be lots of leftovers, so I think we'll be eating from this for a while!
I'm nearly ready for next term as well - plan at the ready! I've got a goal, some lesson plans ready to go, lots of examples and now I just need to type up some more instruction sheets and make a couple of example items.
Making progress on the wedding rings as well - white and yellow gold line wedding bands. I got the bits and pieces I need in the post today and will be making the 'mock' version in silver first. I almost always do that for large commissions to make sure that the sizing and look is exactly right before I plunge into the gold side of things. Massive package went off to hallmarking yesterday, too, so things are progressing once again.

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beapea said...

Happy Birthday to Dougalllllll! Hope your meal is a success!