24 Nov 2009

Exhibition in 2010

I had to laugh when I read one of the newsletters I get this morning - there are always lists of shows to apply for and applying is always required well in advance of the bigger shows. It's now time to apply for the autumn 2010 shows, but there was a typo and there was a call for a show in 2020! ha ha, that would be crazy in advance booking...heh...well, I guess I'm easily amused. In any case, speaking of planning ahead, I thought I'd put up the link to the next exhibition of the Berkshire Designer Jewellers (ie the Berkshire branch of the ACJ) which is going to be held at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell.

Berkshire Designer Jewellers

The exhibition presents designer jewellery and metal work responding to the theme of DNA as well as selected pieces from the makers’ individual collections. Jewellery will be available for sale.
Opening reception Friday 5 February 6.30-8pm

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