1 Sep 2009

Monday...oh, wait, no it's not

So today is September 1st - which means I've been in the UK for TEN years! A whole decade! I'm now officially schooled in the art of pints, bangers and mash, music festivals, London trips, Guy Fawkes day, bank holidays, rubbish trains, good trains, rain, understatement, etc etc etc. It's been a mad, mad ten years. Well, here's to the next ten years, then! And for Lina, here's a photo of the moo cards :-)


Marianne said...

I guess congratulations are in order? Definitely for tomorrow! Hope you had a great time in London. Will mail soon x

Lina said...

I will have been here for 9 years on the 5th dec :-) Except I wont be in the counrty for it! The business cards look great! And I will be at the meeting tomorrow. Are u coming?

machi said...

yep - see you tomorrow!!