11 Dec 2008

random stuff and only 2 weeks til Christmas

One more craft fair to go...must prepare! Must also put new stuff on Etsy, daWanda, Folksy...must also post things. must also apply to craft fairs....can you tell I'm in a bit of a panic? Trying to do too many things at once. I will now have a nice calm cup of tea and calmly take photos for the online stuff. I will go to the post office later this afternoon. And I will do the prep for the craft fair tomorrow. And I will merely make a list of craft fairs to apply to and apply to them all beginning of next week. Although I did already apply to one yesterday, so at least I have one out of the way! Hurrah! It's busy here....can you tell? I had sales at the Slough Museum, Etsy and Folksy!! Hurrah! Ok, sorry for the not so interesting post...better tomorrow I hope!

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