15 Jun 2021

More jewellery events and a return to teaching jewellery making classes

I'm so excited about being out and about again that I have quite a few things lined up! I hope to see you at one of these events! And please do contact me with any questions or comments :-)

Art Trails: 

 Henley Arts Trail 2021

Lots of fabulous venues this year! See me at venue 12!

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th July
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July
10am – 5pm each day

Venue 12: Henley School of Art

The Studio, 30c Hart Street, RG9 2AU

Amenities in the venue:
Demonstrations/work in progress, Toilets for visitors, Wheelchair access.



Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail – CAMAT

September 11 – 12 2021

At Venue 10 St. Luke’s Community Hall, Norfolk Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7AT

Click here for my artist’s page.


Jewellery Classes: 


Jewellery classes are starting up again!

My July 3rd "Making Silver Rings" class at the Henley School of Art is sold out. However, keep your eye on their website or email me to be kept up to date with classes as they are planned!

Private lessons at my own studio will start again in August, unless the Covid situation changes drastically. Please do contact me to discuss! 





 My jewellery is also available:
on Not on the High Street
at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham and
at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe from June - August

Book News:  

Cookson Gold, the UK's largest jewellery supplier, will soon be stocking our book!

And we have had these lovely reviews:

UK jewelers Waard and Richardson team up to produce one of the most comprehensive beginners guides to jewelry silversmithing available.” — Barbara Jacobs ― Booklist

“It is a brilliant book and I told all my students about it. Well written and easy to follow, truly a book put together by two people who certainly know their onions. Well done.”  – Grant Forsyth, jeweller and jewellery teacher

“A beautiful “must have” book for anyone interested in making silver jewellery. Bought this book as I am missing my jewellery making class, due to the lockdowns and am so glad I did. Packed with useful hints and troubleshooting tips, this book takes you step by step through 7 impressive projects aimed at the beginner but will inspire anyone interested in making jewellery. I know I shall be using this book for years to come while I build up my skills.” – Sarah Elizabeth Page — Amazon customer


15 Apr 2021

Real Events! In person! not on zoom!

 Hurrah, things are finally showing signs of perking up! I am *delighted* to be taking part in the following: 

Oxford Arts Week 2021

As soon as I know what days I will be there, I will post! I am excited about chatting with people again! 

14 – 24 May 2021

Peach Croft Farm Barn, Twelve Acre Drive, Abingdon, OX14 2HP
Venue #176 website:  Peach Croft Farm Artists Facilities Available:  Accessible for Wheelchairs, Demonstrations, Refreshments, Parking

You can see my exhibitor’s page here: https://www.artweeks.org/artist-profiles/2021/machi-de-waard

With jewellers: Janet Richardson, Julia Benning, Judi Rowlands, Alexandra von Widdern and Sally Spencer

Henley Arts Trail 2021

10 – 11 July and 17 – 18 July

I will be participating in the Henley Arts Trail at the Henley School of Art. More details to follow…

Cookham and Maidenhead Art Trail – CAMAT

11-12 September 2021

I will be participating in this arts trail at the St Lukes venue. More details to follow….


Also, I am very happy to exhibit my work from June - August 2021 at the Platform Gallery:

Platform Gallery, Station Road, Clitheroe, BB7 2JT




29 Mar 2021

Various jewellery related goings on: book and locket

It's been a while since I posted, mostly somehow lost in a lockdown fug where every day sort of passes in similar fashion. But this very, very long month of March is drawing to a close. The sun is shining, the daylight is longer and the spring flowers are out in full force. Hurrah! Let's hope we have a lovely summer, getting closer to being safer with every vaccination! 

In book news, my and Janet's book Silver Jewellery Making is out there in the world. Janet went on Jewellery Maker TV and for a brief moment (about half a day), our book had the coveted "Best Seller" banner on Amazon in our category of metal work! That was quite exciting! Also very thrilling for us is that we are now on TWO recommended book lists. The first is on Metalsmith Society's page, here: https://metalsmithsociety.com/pages/book-recommendations. The second is on Nottingham Jewellery School's blog, which is here:  https://www.nottinghamjewelleryschool.co.uk/post/reading-recommendations

On that second list, check out the Jewellers Creative Journal if you fancy some help with your creative process. I haven't seen it yet, but a friend recommended it and said it's great if you're just starting building up your own designs.

Both of those are well worth following on Instagram, by the way, if you're on there, at @metalsmithsociety and @nottinghamjewelleryschool

Otherwise, I have been busy making lots of new jewellery pieces. At the moment, I am on my quest to make modern lockets. This is one of those lockets. It's my "mini orb" locket, made from sterling silver and 13mm in diameter. I am enjoying getting a better grip on hinges, learning what to look out for and what works well. I figured out that several times, I thought the hinge knuckles were sitting nicely in their little groove, but it turned out that they were ever so slightly *above* the bottom of the groove, which meant that later down the line, the fit was not as good as I wanted. So I've learned to get the loupe out and check under the hinge knuckles from the side to make sure they are sitting down properly in the groove. The tube I'm using is 1.2mm outside diameter, so loupe required! Anyway, here are photos of my mini orb locket: 

1 Feb 2021

Publication day of Silver Jewellery Making: a step-by-step course



The day is finally here, our book is published!!!! Hard to believe it, but it's finally here. Janet and I are doing an  Instagram takeover for the publisher, @searchpress if you want to follow us there. Apparently there are some delivery issues at Amazon UK, but there are plenty of other places to get the book:

This is me at my bench and the photo below is Janet at her bench :-) 

13 Jan 2021

Happy New Year!!

Silver Jewellery Making: a complete step-by-step course is NEARLY here. It's published 1 February and is available, amongst others, at the following places: 

Janet and I were SUPER excited to get our own copies of our book right before Christmas! It was quite a moment to see it really, truly in print! 

I wish I could tell you about exciting launch events we're doing, but sadly that will have to wait until the situation improves. For now, it's all online! Janet and I will be in the Henley Standard very soon , talking a bit about how the book came about and the content. We're also over on the More Arts website! Various other things are in the pipeline, so I'll update when things happen. 

I hope the new year will bring many positive things for everyone. The vaccination has started, which is great. I am really missing seeing people, so I'm looking forward to the day I can make lots of plans with everyone! For now, the only outing is the post office or the supermarket, so I am glad I have my studio to retreat to as a creative outlet. I've made many new pieces of jewellery, which I am looking forward to showing, but I need to take the photos first! 

While we're all stuck at home, for any fellow jewellers and jewellery students out there, I can highly recommend Metalsmith Society on instagram (@metalsmithsociety) and also the website. Another great resource with very useful and relevant podcasts is Jewellers Academy.

19 Nov 2020

The making of a silver mini locket with a gold ball

Lockdown 2.0 projects! I've been working on a mini locket. Below are the progress photos and also photos of the finished item!

This is the locket before any findings were added:

 And here we have the beginning of the hinge:

This photo shows the first two side knuckles of the hinge, each about 1mm wide.

This photo shows the hinge with the middle knuckle now also attached.   

Here is the tiny bit of tube being soldered on to make the clasp on the other side of the locket:
This is the beginnings of the part of the clasp that will hold the locket shut.
This is the locket before finishing and before the hinge has been properly finished with a rivet.

Finally, here we have the finished locket. It is a mix of argentium and sterling silver, with an 18ct gold ball embedded in the front which is also visible from the inside. The silver has a brushed finish. And the cat is my parents' cat, Miles, because why not?

12 Oct 2020

New Jewellery on Not on the High Street

 I've been tidying up my Not on the High Street shop by adding new packaging and gift tag options. I also added these four new pairs of earrings: